Review of Biblical Literature Newsletter

Another RBL newsletter. A few of what I find noteworthy: Margaret Barker’s Temple Themes in Christian Worship (here and here). I don’t find myself attracted to most of her work (I think she needs to be a little more critical with her sources), but this is an interesting theme that I’d like to see explored more. D. C. Parker’s An Introduction to the New Testament Manuscripts and Their Texts looks like an outstanding resource that should become a standard. James Robinson’s Jesus According to the Earliest Witnesses consolodates Dr. Robinson’s work with the Q source, which, while not my cup of tea, will no doubt be an important text in that discussion. Ehud Netzer’s The Architecture of Herod, the Great Builder will nicely compliment a lot of the Second Temple Period research I’m doing. Herod influenced Judaism and Rome’s relationship with her to an astounding degree, and his building campaigns were a large part of that.


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