Female Biblical Scholars Meme

Michael Kok starts it here. I wasn’t tagged, so I won’t tag anyone, but I’d like to contribute anyway.

1 – April DeConick. April’s was the first biblioblog I ever read, and I think she occupies a singular and important niche in biblical scholarship. Her work with the Gospel of Judas is the best, as far as I’m concerned.

2 – Alison Salvesen. She’s an authority with the Septuagint and Rabbinic studies, and I’ll be working with her come October at Oxford. I’m really excited.

3 – Jodi Magness. I was introduced to Jodi Magness at SBL in San Diego by a friend who went to UNC to work with her. She’s one of the most important voices in Palestinian archaeology from the Roman through Early Islamic Periods, hands down.

4 – Martha Himmelfarb. At the intersection of Judaism and Christianity, Dr. Himmelfarb’s work with messianism and apocalyptocism is first-rate. Anyone who works with the Apocrypha has come across her work numerous times.

5 – Jo Ann Hackett. The link is from Harvard, even though she’s moved to UT Austin. Her 1984 book on the Deir Alla inscription is phenomenal, and she’s 50% of the reason I’m applying to UT Austin for my PhD. That she also works with Syro-Palestinian cult and religion is a big plus.


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