Teaching the Bible in Texas Schools

Via Hebrew and Greek Reader. From the Houston Chronicle:

DALLAS — Some northern Texas school districts are scrambling to interpret a state law that requires public schools to incorporate Bible literacy into the curriculum.

The Legislature provided little guidance, no funding for materials or teacher training when it passed the law in 2007.

The law allows for Bible courses to be offered as an elective starting in the 2009-2010 school year and directed the State Board of Education to adopt curriculum standards that do not run afoul of the constitutional separation of church and state.

I discuss teaching the Bible in public school here, following Douglas Mangum‘s highlight of a USAToday op-ed. The Bible is a part of the foundation of English literature, and as such belongs in any curriculum that aims to provide a solid introduction to that field. Apparently we see the issue differently than most of the people reading the Chronicle:

I also wonder if this will open the door to other religious beliefs to be taught as literature like the koran, torah, wicca, buddhist belief, satanism, etc. People should think before they pass a law like this. I can just imagine the type of lawsuits for equal access there will be now.

What bunch of nonsense! No peep from the know nothings on this kind of indoctrination.

I thought this nation was founded on the basis of freedom of religion or more appropriately freedom from religion. It was a single religion, Church of England, that was being forced down the throats but now it is Christianity in total that is being forced down our throats. Get religion back to the churches and homes and out of schools, government, and the workplace for those of us who choose not to partake.

here is only one religion that uses the Bible (in whatever form you choose) as the basis of their religious text. Much the same way that it can be assumed that a Koranic Literacy class will be studying the religion of Islam. In either case– no other source of religious or theological viewpoints are being offered.

How can you make Bible literacy a requirement in PUBLIC school!! What happened to “seperation of church and state”??!!!!

Are they going to teach that Jesus was black or at least very tanned? I know one thing for sure, he sure wasn’t Anglo.


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