Quotable: John Hobbins

I appreciated John Hobbins’ recent post on secularism and Jürgen Habermas. You’ll have to read it for yourself, but a particularly well-written comment starts it off:

The great risk of Western culture – its enormous faults notwithstanding – is that it will no longer transmit its peculiar gifts to the world as a whole. The risk is to itself in the first place, that it has become a cut-flower civilization, the beautiful bloom of a plant rooted in the soil of millennia past, a past, however, from which it has cut itself off. Once that happens, it is destined to perish against the orange and pink of a beautiful sunset, no matter how stately it appears, a single green stem without roots, in the splendid isolation a crystal vase affords. The darkness of twilight cannot but settle upon it.

I think a large portion of secularists assume that the world and her cultures arrived at their present state in spite of faith and religion rather than as a result of it. I disagree with that assumption. Great post, John.


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