Brief Tangent: NCAA Football Polls

I just want to take a second to vent about something that irritates me to no end about college football. Unranked Houston just soundly beat #5 Oklahoma State, and yet OSU is still ranked higher than Houston in the AP poll. Granted OSU is going to win that game 9 out of 10 times, but the ranking isn’t about what you think should have happened, it’s about what did happen. The ranking guidelines instruct voters to vote based exclusively on performance, not on reputation, speculation, or bias. Nobody goes to the Super Bowl because they lost a playoff game they should have won.

Someone else has Ohio State (who lost to the # 3 team) ranked ahead of BYU, who beat the then third ranked team in their first game. Their rationale:

Should the Cougars be given full and total credit for beating Oklahoma without Sam Bradford for a half?

The answer, for anyone who watched the game, is yes! The score was 7 – 7 when Bradford went out, and the only reason OU had 7 was because they recovered a dropped punt in the red zone. OU lost that game because their OL was undisciplined and because BYU’s defense outplayed them, not because Bradford was out. People have no business controlling bowl games that are worth literal millions to the schools who play in them if they don’t even watch the games.

The reason this is so messed up? The teams who signed on for BCS games are worth more money to ESPN and to college football than teams that didn’t have the chance (like Houston and BYU). They get better time slots on TV and they get the money that bowl games rake in, so they get the benefit of the doubt. What a sickening lesson to be teaching young college athletes. It’s no wonder people like TO throw a hissy fit over not getting an extra couple million a year.


5 responses to “Brief Tangent: NCAA Football Polls

  • Jason

    We know that college football’s rankings, BCS setup, etc. are all bunk. Year after year I have a laundry list of complaints.

  • Daniel O. McClellan

    Yeah, me too. I keep hoping it gets bad enough that something changes. Utah knocked on the door last year, and if BYU runs the table this year I think they’ll get through.

  • Jason

    This weekend’s games yielded some most unexpected results!

  • Daniel O. McClellan

    Well, my guys had a chance to put a big dent in the BCS, but they blew it against FSU. Now TCU and Boise are left, but neither has a strong enough schedule to do much with it. I figured USC would be the first elite team to go down, but now we can’t capitalize. Bummer. I don’t know why I still watch college football.

  • Jason

    Yeah, several ranked teams went down in flames. I was also surprised that Texas and Florida didn’t do better than they did. Should shake up to be another interesting, hopefully not screwed up, season.

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