Crashing the Bible Movie Meme

Nick Norelli responds to a Bible Movie meme that seems interesting. I wasn’t tagged, but I love movies and I think it’s an interesting meme. I’d also like to find out about more Bible-related movies, so I’m crashing the party. My movies:

The Passion of the Christ – Mel Gibson has a proclivity for overly gory epics, but I thought it was a provocative take on an old tradition about Jesus. Even though Gibson seems to be quite anti-Semitic, I found this movie to be more anti-Sanhedrin than anti-Semitic.

The Prince of Egypt – I saw this movie long before I ever read the Bible or had a religious thought enter my head, and I loved it. There are quite a few liberties taken, but I loved Jeff Goldblum as Aaron and Danny Glover as Jethro.

The Ten Commandments – Although I find myself criticizing every little aspect of this movie today, it was a huge deal when it first came out. I respect movies that make such a big impact, even if the costumes and artistic license do make me cringe.

The Nativity Story – A very earthy take on the nativity story. It wasn’t the best movie ever made, but I enjoyed seeing a movie trying real hard to get the historical context right.

Life of Brian – While not technically focused on the Bible, it focuses on a character living in Judea during the time of Christ, and he even attends the Sermon on the Mount. I think it’s one of the most brilliant biblical satires ever made. A couple of the funniest scenes ever recorded on video:


Romanes Eunt Domus?!?

And the movie I’d most like to see made? Something on a pre-exilic character, like David, Solomon, Hezekiah, or Josiah. I’ll tag Pat McCullough, Rob Kashow, James McGrath, and Ken Brown. Take that!

UPDATE: Michael Kok would like to see an epic on the Maccabean revolt. Now that would be cool.

UPDATE: Joel Watts has me tagged, so I’ll add another movie to the list. It’s a made for TV oldie but a goodie. Anthony Hopkins as Paul in Peter and Paul.


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