Interesting Perspective on Murder and Suicide

Police caught up with a Florida man who has been on the run after brutally murdering his wife and five children. Mesac Damas admitted to the murders and says he wants to be executed immediately so he can be buried with his family and be reunited with them. The most interesting part: he refused to kill himself, because, according to Damas, “if you kill yourself, you’re not going to heaven.” The logic behind that belief is that self-murder is still murder, and therefore a heinous sin, rather undermining Damas’ belief that institutionalized execution will not interfere with his desire to be reunited with his family in heaven.

When asked why he did it, he responded, “Only God knows.” He then blamed his mother-in-law: “Her mom pretty much made me do it—the devil, her spirit, whatever she worships.” He then asserted that the devil exists. If all his sins are a result of the influence of the devil, however, why does he think he’s exempt in this case because the devil made him do it? Bizarre situation. I feel sad for all involved.


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