New Journal of Hebrew Scriptures Article

I just received a notification about a new JHS article by Karolien Vermeulen entitled To See or Not To See: The Polysemy of the Word עין in the Isaac Narratives (Gen 17–35). It’s an interesting article. I’m used to seeing polysemy discussed in a context of Classical or New Testament literature, but not as much in relation to the Hebrew Bible. This is a good read. Check it out.


2 responses to “New Journal of Hebrew Scriptures Article

  • Jacob Rennaker

    Karolien is VERY bright (and a pretty funny girl). That article came from a seminar we took from Prof. Scott Noegel on Literary Sophistication in Ancient Texts (I can send you the syllabus for that class, if you’d like). Prof. Noegel has written quite a bit on that sort of thing (including polysemy in the Hebrew Bible), and almost all of his articles are available here: .

  • Daniel O. McClellan

    Hey, Jacob, thanks for dropping by. Yeah, I’d definitely be interested in seeing that syllabus.

    How’s Claremont treating you? What’s different now that you’re a part of the school of theology?

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