Yarnton Manor

I have a college orientation at 8 in the morning at Wolfson, but it’s 4 am and I can’t sleep. I took a couple pictures of the grounds yesterday and thought I’d post them.

We have the top floor of this nice little house. A wonderful German couple lives on the bottom floor and has a car (you can see it poking out from behind the house). Today I knew real terror as I rode on the left side of a car on the left side of the rode darting around buses and cyclists in Oxford on streets not much wider than my waist.

This is our tiny little kitchen. It came stocked with a day’s worth of essentials, including a kilo of sugar and an odd grain-ish filled package that resembled an elongated brick that evidently turns into breakfast cereal if you shred it into a bowl and add milk. I saw the kitchen of an unmarried Oxford student today and instantly became very proud of our little slice of heaven. Everything in the UK is tiny and yet, somehow, more expensive.

This is the view from our kitchen window. It doesn’t look like much, but it’s pretty nice when you’re doing the dishes. The buildings in the background are other parts of the manor, which was built in the 16th century and was the ancestral home of the Spencer family. There is a church next to the house that has foundations dating to the 12th century and a graveyard that will be loads of fun on Halloween.

We went exploring a little yesterday before it started to rain (they swore it hadn’t rained in weeks) and found a series of very old stairs in the garden behind the manor. Aryn loves the garden.


One response to “Yarnton Manor

  • Steve Wiggins

    Your kitchen picture made me laugh. I have a picture of my wife trying to find the refrigerator with a pair of binoculars from our first apartment in Edinburgh. Yes, everything is smaller there — even the robins. When one of our English friends pointed out a robin I mentioned that it was different than an American robin. When I explained that ours are bigger he said, “Americans! They always think everything is bigger!” (In this case it was true.)

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