Tagged: I’ve Been Meming to Tell You

Steve Wiggins has me tagged following his own tagging via Dr. Jim. I am supposed to “reveal something about myself that you wouldn’t normally guess,” or something along those lines. There are a lot of directions something like this could go when you sit down to think about what you’re not telling people, and I figured I would contribute to the intended evolution of memes by suggesting a few categories and throwing something out there from each. Perhaps whomever is tagged subsequently can explore a category a little more deeply.

The first thing I think of in situations like this is something that is intended to embarrass. So my embarrassing “something”: I have small thumbs. I know, that sounds stupid, but they’re stubby and I generally find ways to keep them out of sight in public.

The second thing that comes to mind is something unknown about a person from their childhood. Everyone’s got something interesting in their background. Mine is that I was born in (and lived on until I was six) a religious commune by the Shenandoah River in West Virginia. Ah, memories.

The next thing that comes to mind is something about which someone is proud, and I have one of those too: I am a certified massage therapist. I was licensed, but after I went back to school and got married I let my license expire. I still work on my wife and on friends in need, though, so if you see me at SBL and you’ve got a tension headache or your back is out, I can help.

The last one is something a little contradictory, kinda like Steve’s. I suppose an interesting one is that although I am a graduate student at a relatively prestigious university (*clears throat*), I started out my college career with a muscular 0.27 GPA. My heart wasn’t in it my first time around at the University of Northern Colorado (I was more interested in pot and Southern Comfort), so after two weeks of class and a few months of going to bed at 7 am I was kicked out with several F’s and a D-. And I have to mention that when grad school apps ask if I’ve ever been punished for poor academics. Fun, huh?

So there you go. A small collection of my secrets revealed. And the shortlist of people that I want to antagonize this week is as follows: Michael Kok, Nick Norelli, Ken Brown, and Pat McCullough.


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