New Oklahoma Abortion Law

Joel has an interesting blurb up about a new law going into effect soon in Oklahoma that requires abortion patients to answer a list of questions, ranging from the county where the abortion is to be performed to the patient’s income level and reason for getting an abortion. The answers will then be posted on a public website (names will not be posted).

The law, which will take effect on Nov. 1, compels the Oklahoma Department of Health to publish data online on all abortion patients — including the woman’s race, marital status, financial circumstances, years of education, number of previous pregnancies, and her reason for seeking the abortion. Doctors who fail to provide such information will be criminally penalized and stripped of their medical licenses.

Now, I am one who believes abortion has its place in a limited number of circumstances. I also feel a fetus is a human life, and being irresponsible or not thinking ahead isn’t a good enough reason to end it. However, a law that explicitly and with extreme prejudice violates patient confidentiality like this is an abominable affront to human decency. It’s institutionalized terrorism, quite frankly, and I am appalled that a state legislature would allow it to pass.


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