My SBL Paper

If any of you find yourselves without a thing to do in New Orleans on Sunday morning, may I suggest session 22-149 – Textual Criticism of the Hebrew Bible?

9:00 AM to 11:30 AM
Room: Balcony K – MR

Theme: Textual Criticism and Problems of Method and Interpretation

Brent A. Strawn, Emory University, Presiding
Emanuel Tov, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
The Latin, Aramaic, and Syriac Translations of Hebrew Scripture vis-à-vis the Masoretic Text (25 min)
Steve Delamarter, George Fox University
Preparing to Write the Textual History of the Ethiopic Old Testament: Of Digitization, Social Editing and the Sociology of Scholarship (25 min)
Daniel O. McClellan, University of Oxford
Anthropomorphisms and the Vorlage to LXX Exodus (25 min)
Andrew Teeter, Harvard University
Textual Criticism and Legal Hermeneutics: The Problem of Profane Slaughter and the Text of Leviticus 17 (25 min)
John D. Barry, Logos Bible Software
How the Digital Version of the BHS Apparatus Assists Text-Critical Research (25 min)

Here’s my abstract:

It has long been recognized that the Greek translations of the Hebrew Bible often tend away from literal renderings of anthropomorphic passages. LXX Exod 24:10, interjecting “the place where God stood” in an effort to avoid intimating that God has a visible form, is a clear example of this theological emendation. The use of the resumptive adverb εκει in the Greek, however, betrays a uniquely Hebrew syntactical construction, and seems to reveal a Hebrew parent text that already contained the de-anthropomorphic element. This paper will investigate the LXX translations of anthropomorphic passages from Exodus and evaluate the possibility that the Hebrew Vorlage to LXX Exodus already contained a number of the de-anthropomorphic elements traditionally attributed to the exegesis of the translators.


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