Disturbing Christian Behavior

Article here. A hotel manager in Liverpool is accused of having asked a white Muslim woman wearing a hijab (who was a patron) if she was a terrorist and a murderer. The manager and his wife are also accused of laughing at her and shouting at her in public that Muhammad was a “warlord” and she was “living in bondage.”

I don’t know if these accusations are true (and if they are it’s utterly despicable behavior), but the response is what bothers me. They claim the woman wore the hijab to provoke an outburst from them and Christian organizations are defending them in the name of free speech. This is utterly asinine. To defend such depraved actions simply because the accused happens to belong to the same general faith community is intellectually and morally corrupt, and why aren’t these yellow t-shirt-wearing Christians defending the Muslim woman’s right to free speech. Even if she was intending to provoke them (which hardly seems likely, and I doubt the couple had that accurate a bead on her intentions), why would she have to suffer such consequences of her right to free speech while the offending couple be excused from suffering theirs?

On a side note, several demographics in the States, religious and otherwise, frequently have to deal with this kind of verbal (and sometimes physical) abuse. Free speech seems to be the home base those reprobates scuttle off to as well. I don’t think that was the intention of the First Amendment. I’m appalled.

UPDATE: According to this report, the couple has been cleared of all charges. The judge apparently threw the case out after only little testimony, citing too many inconsistencies in the account of the woman making the charge. It seems the exchange was far less controversial than the first article lets on. It now appears the woman involved simply made up the accusations, which is disturbing on its own. Glad to see justice was served in the end.


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