John Granger’s Spotlight on Mormonism in Twilight

A while back I posted comments in response to an article by John Granger published in a Christian journal called Touchstone. The article pointed to a number of “Mormon” ideologies the author found within Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series. I took issue with most of the author’s conclusions and posited that he seemed informed more by anti-Mormon literature than by any primary sources.

Apparently this article was part of research Granger was doing for a book that is now available called Spotlight: A Close-Up Look at the Artistry and Meaning of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight Saga. There is a review of the book here which suggests that Granger’s bibliography is loaded with Mormon and non-Mormon sources. I can’t imagine that the article published in Touchstone is that far removed from Granger’s book, and so I have to wonder if he comes to the same conclusions. I’ve not yet read the book, but if his conclusions are the same (and there’s no discussion of concerns like those I raised) then I will have a hard time believing he’s given Latter-day Saint sources any kind of weight.


2 responses to “John Granger’s Spotlight on Mormonism in Twilight

  • John Granger

    Mrs. Meyer has said:

    “The professor who had the most influence on me was Steven Walker, mostly because he was just insanely brilliant. The way his mind worked was fascinating, and it helped me look at the literature we studied in so many new ways.”

    Prof. Walker, who, unlike you, chose to read Spotlight before offering his opinion in a public forum, has endorsed the book with this comment:

    “John Granger’s Spotlight probes deeply into Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series by means of an Eliade lens: “The reason people read is for some experience transcending their lives as egos.” The reason we read Meyer so passionately, the reason we enter so “fully into her stories,” Granger shows us, is the compelling mythic implications of her narratives, the religious “depths and heights” they share with some of the best English literature. Granger persuades me that Meyer’s religious thought is so crucial to her fiction that to read it without consideration of the theology is to miss much of the point. As a believing Mormon like Meyer, I can testify it’s no light matter to succeed as this critical view does in deepening a Christian’s reading of his own theology. If you’re interested in how much religion can matter in modern fiction, you’ll be interested in Spotlight.”

    Professor Steve Walker, author of The Power of Tolkien’s Prose

    • Daniel O. McClellan


      I appreciate you taking the time to comment. I commented on your article well before I knew about your book. My one comment about your book only expresses concerns, not conclusions. When I have time in the future I hope to be able to read your book, and I’ll be happy to draw my own conclusions about it. If you have concerns about my criticisms of your article, you are more than welcome to address them.

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