My Easter Break

I know you’re jealous.


3 responses to “My Easter Break

  • Rick Wadholm Jr

    I LOVE researching (not so much the writing, but the researching…). Enjoy your “break”!

    • Daniel O. McClellan

      I like researching too, but this program I’m doing has a few courses that are graded exclusively on two presubmitted essays that are written in between terms. I get the essay topics the last week of one term and they’re due the week before the next term begins. Right now I have four essays I’m working on. This means I have to be writing furiously while I’m researching, so I don’t get all the way through many of these books.

  • Rameumptom

    Are there lots of pictures in those books?

    How many have already been colored in?

    I hope you are a speed reader….

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