AlphaInventions Experiment

I’m still not positive this is honest competition, but I know several other bloggers are doing it, so I thought I’d run a brief test of I put it on my blogroll a while ago, but I haven’t really toyed with it yet. The website cycles through blogs repeatedly (at about one blog every 5 seconds). You add your site to the list and every time it pops up on someone’s screen that’s another hit. Right now they have a widget I’ve put in the sidebar below the calendar that will kick my blog to the top of the list every time someone clicks on it. I want to see what this does. Feel free to click on it and I’ll let y’all know the results in a day or two. If any of you have used this service, I’m interested to hear what you’ve thought.


One response to “AlphaInventions Experiment

  • Joel

    Good points and bad points. Regardless of what you might here, it does not mess with Alexa. Also, it will bring real visitors, and contrary to opinion, I believe that bloggers blog to be read.

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