In the Mail: Thom Stark, The Human Faces of God

Thanks to the generosity of a reader, I received a copy today of Thom Stark’s new volume, The Human Faces of God. I’m planning on reviewing the book on my blog, and since my term ends this week I should actually have time to read it. Many thanks to Ed.


One response to “In the Mail: Thom Stark, The Human Faces of God

  • Robert Boylan

    I read the book two days back. He does bring up many difficult issues, like child sacrifice and genocide being condoned by God in the OT and by biblical prophets, such as Micah, as well as the absurd claim, forwarded by Benjamin B. Warfield that one mistake in the Bible means that it cannot be inspired (cf. Inspriation and Authority of the Bible–this relates, no doubt, to absolutising the term theopneustos in 2 Tim 3:16 [which was probably not written by Paul anyway . . .]).

    For those who subscribe to inerrancy, such issues will prove either difficult or prove to be issues that adherants will just ignore (though, of course, as he points out, if the Qur’an or Book of Mormon had similar difficulties, they would latch onto them as proof that these texts are uninspired and the like.

    There is overlap with Spark’s book, God’s Word in Human Words, that I see you reviewed below. He has a good enough chapter on the development of monotheism, such as Gen 6 and the Sons of God, and (Second)Isaiah’s writings, etc.

    I do look forward to reading your comments on the book when you get a chance to read it.

    Robert B.

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