Taking the GRE Over Again

I’ve decided to take the GRE over again. I got a 1330 the first time around with little preparation, but I don’t think that’s good enough. I’m told by a few professors that a score around 1450 or higher would make my application bulletproof. I’ve got a nice Kaplan app on my iPhone with the 500+ most common words used in the verbal section that I’ll be memorizing over the next seven or eight months, but I’d really like to ace the quantitative section. Any math geniuses out there have any recommendations? Apps for my phone would be preferable, but I’ve got plenty of time and am looking for anything to get me up to speed. Muito obrigado.


8 responses to “Taking the GRE Over Again

  • Ben S

    I actually found the Kaplan material really useful. I taught it for a year or so, and was impressed.
    (This AFTER I took the GRE myself, first in 2001, then again in… 2007?)

    I did quite well. Didn’t help me at all.

    • Daniel O. McClellan

      I have Kaplan’s GRE prep book, but I’d like something a little more portable and convenient for reviewing the quantitative stuff.

      What I keep hearing is that a good GRE score doesn’t help you that much, but a bad one can really hurt you. For the schools I’m shooting at, “good” really means “phenomenal.”

      • KaplanElisa

        If you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you can download the Kaplan GRE Exam Math Workbook for $5.99 through iBooks. It’s the same book that retails for $20, and it has more math practice problems than the book you are using.

  • BHodges

    The math section is the main reason my GRE score will never reach the heights. I got a 930 on the analytical bit and 4.5 on the essays (although it seems this is because I did not “write to the test,” I was under the ridiculous impression that they actually cared what you had to say in such essays!). My math score was a paltry 420. I am woefully bad at math. Thus, I cannot help you.

    • Daniel O. McClellan

      Do you mean 630? 930 is 130 points over 100%. The scoring is supposed to change in 2011, by the way. They’re supposed to go from an 800 scale for each test to 170.

  • Jeremy

    I think you and I may have gotten the exact same score (maybe I’ll check later), and for the same reason. I did very well on the verbal and just okay on the math. I can’t really offer any specific suggestions about the GRE though, because I decided on a South African doctoral program that didn’t even look at my GRE score. So, I didn’t retake it.

    But, when I took the ACT in high school I took a Kaplan course that really boosted my score. I know a class may not be what you were looking for, but I think there was something about the dynamic of the classroom that was very helpful. I was around a number of other students that were trying to push themselves to improve their scores. And, we kind of fed off of each other.

    • Daniel O. McClellan

      Thanks for the recommendation, Jeremy. I’m not opposed to a class, but I do tend to do better working on my own. Having extra motivation around wouldn’t hurt, though. I’ll have to see what’s available around here.

  • testtaker

    I just took the GRE this week and got a poor 450 on the Q and 580 on the Verbal. I did not realize the school I am applying to required it for the program I am applying for (Arts Management) so having to take the GRE was a shock to me. I only had a week to prepare and come to find out nothing works with Windows 7 computers. The Kaplan disc and the ETS “powerprep” free program do not work if you have a Windows 7 machine. That is beyond ridiculous as far as I am concerned since Windows 7 has been out over a year and is not exactly an obscure program. So, my score was pretty much without any prep at all. I’m sure if I prepped I could do better.

    I really don’t know how much the GRE will factor in my case because I have been out of school for over 20 years. I think in my case my work experience and things I’ve done in real life will count more than a score. I think if you are a newly minted graduate your scores will count more because you don’t have a track record for a graduate committee to look at and assess your potential.

    I don’t know if I’ll take it again or not. Since math is not going to be part of my future career plans I don’t see the point of stressing out trying to get some really high score. For my area the Verbal is going to count more and while my score isn’t stellar, the combined score is over the minimum required by the school for basic grad admission. At $160 a pop the test is kind of pricey, too.

    Good luck to you if you take it again.

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