The More You Know

In response to an exchange with a dilettante, James McGrath offers a brief PSA regarding gospel genres. You may or may not learn something, but you should be entertained.


2 responses to “The More You Know

  • Rich Griese

    Noticed you participating in one of the the religion apologetical sites, and thought I would introduce myself. I am interested in the study of the history of early Christianity, perhaps up to the time of Irenaeus or the time that he had an effect on. I began studying the subject in about 1990, and began studying under the help of religion Ph.D Robert M. Price. I have continued over the years, and now that I am recently retired use the internet to talk with people that are also interested in the topic via email.

    Feel free to strike up a convo via email if this is the kind of topic that interests topic, ask me some starter questions, list some of your favorite book, etc… any method you can think of to begin the conversations. I will add your blog to my Google reader world, and will begin to get a feel for you.

    Cheers! RichGriese.NET /

  • Rameumptom

    I love a scholar with a picante sense of humor!

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