Every now and then I like to remind everyone of a free way to contribute to feeding the hungry and a number of other causes. sells ad space on its website that is accessed by clicking on a button on the main page. Each time you click the button (I imagine the limit is once a day per IP address) the equivalent of 1.1 cups of food is donated with sponsor money. Here’s how they explain it:

When you click, we display ads from our site sponsors. 100% of the money from these advertisers goes to our charity partners, who fund programs to provide food to the hungry.

You will notice tabs at the top of the page which take you to affiliated breast cancer, child health, literacy, rainforest, animal rescue sites. Make it your homepage and click every day when you turn on your computer.

Another way to provide will only be available for about 2 more hours. Wal-Mart is donating $1M to a city in the US that ranks among the top 100 needy in terms of hunger. Whichever city receives the most support on Facebook will win. Another $.5M will be split among other cities. Salt Lake City, UT is way out in the lead right now for reasons that aren’t difficult to figure out (Mormons spread across the country will support it). Check it out, and if you’re on Facebook, support a city.


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