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Robert J. Wilson over on Unsettled Christianity has brought PaperBack Swap to my attention, and I’m excited. First, you post at least ten books you’re willing to mail off to people who request them. You automatically get two credits which allow you to request two books that have been posted by others. After that, every time someone requests a book from you and confirms receipt of it, you get another credit. I put 15 mostly academic books on there and immediately I was notified that three of them (academic ones) were on someone’s wishlist. That these books are on others’ wishlists leads me to believe there’s plenty of academic stuff on there. Check it out, and if you join up, tell ’em robertjwilson sent you (there’s also a CD Swap and DVD Swap).


12 responses to “PaperBack Swap

  • John Anderson

    I just joined up and took advantage of my two ‘free’ books. Got two volumes on OT theology; aside from that, I’m not seeing a ton of academic stuff that interests me. What have you found that’s been worthwhile?

    • Daniel O. McClellan

      After further investigation, most of the academic books are older ones. I put about twenty books up there that I just want to get rid of and I’m mailing off thirteen of them tomorrow. That’ll get me plenty of credits should some of the books I put on my wishlist ever show up, plus the credits can transfer over to DVDSwap for movies. Perhaps, though, the more scholars we get on there the more academic books we can find. Maybe I’ll email Hugh Williamson and some other friends at Oxford. I know their libraries could stand some pruning.

      • Mike Gantt

        Sometime the older academic books are better than the newer ones. For example, I’d rather find the third edition of Bruce Metzger’s The Test of the New Testament (which, I think, was the last one edited by Metzger himself) than the current 4th edition (which is edited by Bart Ehrman).

        In any case, like you, I hope many will prune their overgrown academic forests through this web site. Thanks for the tip about it.

  • John Anderson

    So what do you STILL have posted, Daniel?

    • Daniel O. McClellan

      I still have the following books up:

      – Raymond Brown, The Community of the Beloved Disciple (although I just noticed it’s got a bunch of underlining and highlighting, so I’ll probably take it off)

      – William Barnes, Studies in the Chronology of the Divided Monarchy of Israel

      – Jodi Magness, The Archaeology of Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls

      – David Jasper, A Short Introduction to Hermeneutics (I just noticed this one’s got underlining also)

      Then there’s a Dave Barry book, a book of Abraham Lincoln’s correspondences, and a few LDS themed books.

    • diglot

      John, I just joined. If I get around to listing any OT books, I will let you know 🙂 (Though you probably already have all the ones I do)

  • diglot

    What a cool website! I just joined and plan to offload all the books I don’t want. I am going to have to think long and hard about what theology and biblical study books I am willing to get rid of though.

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  • Monex

    I am appreciative but I am also sick of never getting a book and rejected month after monthThe way I see it there are too many people going after too few books. Of course there will be 10 people to take my spot and over time 10 people who will eventually feel the same way.As a comparison I am part of the Amazon Vine program which is basically Amazons version of Early Review.

  • Robert

    Thanks a million for the referrals!

    • Daniel O. McClellan

      No problem. I hope there were plenty of them. I’ve got a bunch of book credits now and I’ve only found a small handful of stuff I can use right now. Hopefully some stuff in my field gets added soon. Maybe I’ll get set up with DVD swap and use the credits over there.

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