Trusting in the Bible vs. Human Reason

James McGrath shares some reflections on that all-too-common trump card appealed to by fundamentalists: trusting the Bible vs. trusting human reason. He makes two good points, and I think the cartoon he shares is representative of pretty much all of fundamentalism (and not just Christian).


4 responses to “Trusting in the Bible vs. Human Reason

  • Ben S

    I’ve been thinking of writing something along those lines, but with the Mormon trope of “philosophy of men mingled with scripture.”

  • Lance Ponder

    When I read the title I immediately thought of the creation-evolution debate, but the sentiment is much wider. This weekend in a bible study some of the guys were being very judgmental toward a particular church. Since I work third shift I was almost dozing off, but the Lord shook me and I woke up, then spoke up. Out of nowhere I came of the top rope and told them they better think twice about what they were saying and pull the logs out of their own eyes. I frankly have no idea where that zeal came from. Well, I do, but it wasn’t from me. That was all Holy Ghost whipping up and whomping down. I’m always amazed at the work of the Holy Spirit, and completely astounded when I’m used in that work.

  • Rameumptom

    Joseph Smith used reason for many of the things he taught. I think many Mormons today do the fundamentalist thing: they don’t examine their own beliefs, but follow a cafeteria format of their own liking and then insist everyone else also eat only from that same selection. Who cares if there is prime rib on the other table, we must eat the brussel sprouts and asparagus! There are many who claim, Brigham Young said it, so it must be so – regardless of modern prophets saying something else. They know what Bro Brigham said, but don’t know what the living prophets are saying. Very sad.

  • Atlas

    The cartoon is accurate except that fundies DO care what you think! They don’t care what you think about them. They care about thought crimes.

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