In the Mail: An Upside Down Book

I received Andre Lemair’s The Birth of Monotheism in the mail today, but when I opened it up I noticed something peculiar. (I throw the dust jackets out with the rest of the packaging.) That’s right, the cover is upside down. The book begins on the other side of the book. I don’t know how I feel about this.


3 responses to “In the Mail: An Upside Down Book

  • the narrator

    You’re wrong. The cover is printed correctly. It’s the pages that are upside down.

    I’ve gotten a few books like this, including one a couple weeks ago. The worst is when you are reading it in class or the library and everyone thinks that you’ve got a graphic novel or something that you are hiding behind it.

  • Terry

    I got a review copy from FARMS like that once for their Isaiah photograph book. Hey, complimentary books are complimentary books. As long as the material in them is good, it works for me.

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