The Lead Codices and the Inscription from Madaba

David Meadows points us here to a line drawing of the bilingual Aramaic/Greek tombstone inscription that Peter Thonemann identified as the source for the Greek inscription:

Compare the third-to-last line with the inscription on one of the codices:

Of interest to those looking at the paleo-Hebrew-looking script on the other codices is the unique shape and orientation of some of the letters. The two letters most out of place (see here for more discussion) are the yod and the lamed/nun. They are backwards and the curl on the descending stroke is uncharacteristic:




Compare now to the Madaba inscription’s shin (Steve Caruso has let me know the inscription is Nabataean):




Now compare the lamed/nun on the codices (which is also backwards if it’s a lamed), to the nun on the Madaba inscription:






It seems the “paleo-Hebrew” script from the codices may have also been lifted from the tombstone inscription on display in Jordan. There are other letters that clearly share a relationship as well, which I will discuss a bit later. I am hoping to have a photograph of the Madaba inscription itself up shortly. Stay tuned.

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