Digital Research and a Shameless Dropbox Plug

Chris Brady has highlighted a new blog called Digital Research in the Liberal Arts. It’s associated with the iPad Summer Research Project, which Chris is luckily a part of. The newest post is about doing a manuscript review entirely electronically. The post is interesting, and I was glad to see a reference made to Dropbox. If you have more than one computer or portable device on which you’d like to have access to the same files, Dropbox is really the way to go. Every time you save a file in your Dropbox folder it updates the documents on all your other devices. You start out with 2 GB of space free. You should try it out, not just because it’s an awesome tool, but also because we would both get additional storage space for free if you go through this link and get set up with the program.


3 responses to “Digital Research and a Shameless Dropbox Plug

  • Jonathan

    I was a longtime Dropbox user myself, and I really liked it, but Daniel Zacharias of recently hooked me on SugarSync, which is better. Unless you need to sync with a Linux system, it has all the features of Dropbox plus 5 GB storage instead of 2 — a boon for me since my Dropbox was getting full. You can also sync regular folders (such as “Documents”) beyond your dedicated “magic briefcase.” And as long as we’re vying for extra space recommendations, here is the link which gives me and you both and extra .5 GB storage.

    Best solution: use both Dropbox AND SugarSync for even more storage!

    • Daniel O. McClellan

      Thanks for the recommendation. I looked that program over, and it seems like a pretty cool alternative to Dropbox, but it seems the free version only allows you to sync over two machines, and I’d have to be able to do at least four.

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