An Indication of Forgery on the Jordan Codices

Steve Caruso has identified the source of a sequence of letters on one of the codices. It is the phrase “council (of) the” found on a couple of coins minted around the second century BCE. There is no sign the broken phrase is properly contextualized on the codex, and the scripts around it are of varying provenances. As has been stated before, the forger is simply lifting examples of texts from multiple different sources. There is little reason to conclude an ancient author would conflate so many different scripts drawn from multiple sources and combine them nonsensically on such complicated productions as these. Fame and fortune are certainly significant enough motivations for a modern forger, though. Keep in mind that Elkington suggested Caruso was incompetent enough to be confused about whether or not the script (which Elkington confused with a language) was Aramaic or paleo-Hebrew. Here is Steve’s description of the relationship:

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