Psalm 82 in the Contemporary Latter-day Saint Tradition

I’m making my paper from the LDS and the Bible section available a bit early. It is entitled “Psalm 82 in the Contemporary Latter-day Saint Tradition.” You can access the PDF here. The paper is in my own presentation format, which means there are minimal references and the paper is written in a less formal voice (contractions, etc.). I’m interested in your thoughts.


4 responses to “Psalm 82 in the Contemporary Latter-day Saint Tradition

  • Blake

    Dan: I address Psalm 82 at great length in my 3rd volume of Exploring Mormon Thought: Of God and Gods, and I address Heiser’s arguments at some length as well. I also discuss John 10. Have you considered it or known of it? If not, I’d be happy to send a PDF (provided you don’t make it available to others).

    • Daniel O. McClellan

      Hi Blake, thanks for the comment. I was aware of your text, but I wrote the paper primarily as a response to Daniel and Michael, and this first iteration of it was specifically written with the presentation in mind, which meant it had to be pretty brief. I was originally hoping to bring in your book and a couple other publications by Evangelical scholars discussing the LDS use of Psalm 82, but just writing the paper with Daniel, Michael, and David’s texts alone in view was already well over the time limit. I wasn’t even able to discuss David’s paper when I presented it. Over the next few months I’m going to revise and expand it for possible publication, and I do intend to bring your book into the discussion, as well as other publications by LDS and non-LDS scholars about Psalm 82, theosis, and monotheism. When I have something taking shape I’d certainly like to hear your thoughts on it.

  • Blake

    BTW I should add that I fundamentally disagree with our thesis which seems to have been taken primarily from Jerome Neyrey. I think that the DSS add to this discussion based on the Melchizedek scroll use of Ps. 82 more than the much later Jewish midrash regarding Moses and Israelites at Sinai which has no evident connection to Ps. 82.

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