SBL Book Haul

I didn’t buy a lot of books this year.

I got Pongratz-Leisten’s edited volume the first day, even though I already have two of the articles and two others are early versions of books I own. The other articles looked interesting, and I’ve really enjoyed the volume so far. I hope to review it once I get on the other side of Christmas. Peppard’s book, The Son of God in the Roman World, is a great find, and I got it on the last day for 50% off. I bought the book primarily because I’m interested in the “Son of God” epithet in early Christianity, but it also has discussion in it that is helpful to my thesis, which is a bonus. Miller’s book, Oral Tradition in Ancient Israel, is one I picked up from Wipf & Stock. Having read Ong and a few other articles on orality and literacy, I was interested in seeing what contemporary scholarship had to say on the topic as it bore on early Israel. I haven’t cracked the book yet, but it looks promising. Lastly, I’ve always wanted a JPS Hebrew-English Tanakh, and these were $15 at the little JPS booth.


4 responses to “SBL Book Haul

  • Nick Norelli

    I loathe my JPS Hebrew-English Tanakh. It was the first Hebrew Bible I ever got and once I received it I saw that the text runs into the gutter making it incredibly difficult to read. Do you have that problem with the edition you picked up?

  • Kevin

    The book by Peppard sounds exactly what I’ve been looking for in regards to a study on the use of Son of God in earliest Christianity. I assume the author will not be performing sleight of hand to arrive at a Nicene-friendly interpretation. Hopefully I will be able obtain a review copy.

    • Daniel O. McClellan

      Peppard actually comes out guns blazing against the Nicene-friendly tendentiousness of past scholarship. Hurtado is also a primary target for the first couple chapters.

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