John Hobbins on The Jewish Annotated New Testament

John has shared a review of the new Jewish Annotated New Testament, which was available for quite a bargain at SBL in San Francisco. There was also a reception for it, although I dropped by just before it began and got the impression it was a private function (the rope with the sign that said “private function” lead me to this conclusion). John reflects on the significance of a project like this for Jews and for Christians, and shares some impressions and a couple critiques. It’s a thoughtful piece.


3 responses to “John Hobbins on The Jewish Annotated New Testament

  • Gav

    As a Jew I roll my eyes every time I see books like this. All sorts of Christians will now take these *opinions* and think this is what Judaism on the whole teaches or supports.

    What next, The Muslim Annotated Tao Te Ching…

    • Daniel O. McClellan

      I don’t know anyone who would turn to a publication like this and expect to find thoroughly normative Jewish perspectives on the New Testament. On the other hand, where does one turn for authoritative discussion of what Judaism teaches “on the whole”? My understanding is that it’s just as diverse and pluralistic as Christianity.

  • Gav

    Personally I swing conversations away from what “Judaism teaches” to what “the Tanach teaches” or what the Talmud teaches, or what Rashi teaches, etc.

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