New Mohr Siebeck Journal: Hebrew Bible and Ancient Israel

The first issue of a brand new journal published by Mohr Siebeck entitled Hebrew Bible and Ancient Israel is available for public access here. Here is the TOC:


David M. Carr
The Moses Story: Literary Historical Reflections 7–36

Erhard Blum
Der historische Mose und die Frü hgeschichte Israels 37–63

Thomas Römer
Tracking Some “Censored” Moses Traditions Inside and Outside the Hebrew Bible 64–76

James Kugel
The Figure of Moses in Jubilees 77–92

Carl S. Ehrlich
“Noughty” Moses: A Decade of Moses Scholarship 2000–2010 93–110

New Projects:

Jens Kamlah
Neuere Forschungen zur Archäologie in Südphönizien 113–132

Israel Finkelstein et al.
Reconstructing Ancient Israel: Integrating Macro- and Micro-archaeology 133–150


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