Posting Hiatus

This is one of the reasons for my posting hiatus over the last several weeks. My wife has been on bedrest for three months and my three-year-old daughter was unwilling to take care of herself during that period. With the baby now here, and things partially back to normal, I will be able to return to not posting because of my thesis. Thanks for your patience.


5 responses to “Posting Hiatus

  • James F. McGrath

    You are owed congratulations – we are not owed apologies! 🙂

  • epatt72

    Is that gorgeously wrapped bundle of joy yours? Congratulations to you and your wife are due. God has blessed mankind with the ability to bring forth great beauty in this form, something not even angels can do. Anyhow, as for your three-year-old refusing to take responsibility for raising herself for a measly three months – maybe it was because of the biases built into our society. In order to survive in this world one must be completely bathroom independent, know how to tie their own shoes, count higher than 20, and be able to instantly know what sound a horsey makes. It’s unfair I tell you, but it’s what we must endure … 😉

  • Craig Baugh

    Congratulations! Blue blanket = little boy, right? His expression looks like he is pondering what you should wirte in your next post. What a handsome little guy.

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