Encyclopedia of Hebrew Language and Linguistics Articles Available Online

Below are links to PDFs of articles in Brill’s new Encyclopedia of Hebrew Language and Linguistics that I have found online or that have been sent to me by the authors. There’s no guarantee these links will remain active, but I have removed dead ones as I have run across them. If you know of any I’ve missed, please let me know. (For a thematic list of the published articles, see here.)

Aharoni, Amir
Vocalization of Modern Hebrew

Amadasi, Maria Giulia
Phoenician and Hebrew

Bat-El, Outi
Denominal Verbs: Modern Hebrew

Beckman, John C.
Concessive Clause: Biblical Hebrew
Conditional Clause: Biblical Hebrew
Subject: Biblical Hebrew
Pluralis Majestatis: Biblical Hebrew

Bunis, David
Judeo-Spanish (Judezmo), Hebrew Component in

Callaham, Scott
Mood and Modality (Biblical Hebrew)

Cook, John
Aspect: Pre-Modern Hebrew
Actionality (Aktionsart): Pre-Modern Hebrew

Elan, Dresher, B.
Biblical Accents: Prosody

Engel, Edna
Script, History of Development

Haber, Esther
Coordination: Modern Hebrew

Halevy, Rivka

Holmstedt, Robert
Clitics: Pre-Modern Hebrew
Pro-Drop (Pronoun Dropping)
Relative Clause: Biblical Hebrew

Holtz, Shalom E.
Lexicography: Biblical Hebrew

Huehnergard, John
Relative Particles
Philippi’s Law
Canaanite Shift
Hebrew Loanwords in English
Hebrew as a Semitic Language

Jacobsen, Joshua R.
Biblical Accents: Cantillation
Biblical Accents: System of Combination

Joosten, Jan
Verbel System: Biblical Hebrew

Kawashima, Robert
Stylistics: Biblical Hebrew

Kearney, Jonathan
Grammatical Thought in Medieval Jewish Exegesis in Europe

Khan, Geoffrey
Pronominal Suffixes
Reduction of Vowels
Transcriptions into Arabic Script: Medieval Karaite Sources
Transcriptions into Arabic Script: Medieval Muslim Sources
Masoretic Treatises
Ketiv and Qere
Root: Medieval Karaite Notions
Morphology in the Medieval Karaite Tradition
Grammarians, Karaite
Epenthesis: Biblical Hebrew
Guttural Consonants: Masoretic Hebrew
Biblical Hebrew: Linguistic Background of the Masoretic Text
Biblical Hebrew Pronunciation Traditions
Tiberian Reading Tradition
Resh: Pre-Modern Hebrew
Shewa: Pre-Modern Hebrew
Syllable Structure: Biblical Hebrew
Vowel Length: Biblical Hebrew
Pretonic Lengthening
Compensatory Lengthening
Vocalization: Babylonian

Koller, Aaron

Mendel, Anat
Literacy: Biblical Hebrew

Neuman, Yishai
Comitative: Biblical Hebrew
Graphophonemic Assignment
[Hebrew in] France

Noegel, Scott
Euphemism in Biblical Hebrew

Pat-El, Na’ama
Inalienable Possession
Stative Verbs

Penner, Ken
History of the Research on the Hebrew Verbal System

Petersson, Lina
Priestly Source of the Pentateuch (1st proof)

Rendsburg, Gary
Biblical Hebrew: Dialects and Linguistic Variation
Culture Words: Biblical Hebrew
Diglossia: Biblical Hebrew
Foreigner Speech: Biblical Hebrew
Kinship Terms
Morphology: Biblical Hebrew
Negation: Pre-Modern Hebrew
Pentateuch, Linguistic Layers in the
Phoenician/Punic and Hebrew
Phonology: Biblical Hebrew
Rotwelsch, Hebrew Loanwords in

Reshef, Yael
Modern Hebrew Grammar: History of Scholarship
Revival of Hebrew: Grammatical Structure and Lexicon
Revival of Hebrew: Sociolinguistic Dimension

Rubin, Aaron
Definite Article in Pre-Modern Hebrew
Sumerian Loanwords
Hebrew Loanwords in American Creoles

Sadan, Tsvi (PDFs downloadable through sites.google.com)
Yiddish, Hebrew Component in
Word Formation
Verbal System: Modern Hebrew
Lingua Franca: Jewish Studies
Esperanto and Hebrew

Shoshany, Ronit
Biblical Accents: Babylonian

Siegal, Elitzur A. Bar-Asher
Diglossia: (ii) Rabbinic Hebrew

Stein, Rabbi David E. S.
Gender Representation in Biblical Hebrew

Tsumura, David

Veviurko, Tania Notarius
Multiliteral Roots
Compound Tenses
Aspectual Markers

Zevi, Tamar
Collectives: Modern Hebrew
Directive he
Exceptive Construction
Relative Clause: Modern Hebrew
Nominal Clause
Content Clauses
Syntax: Biblical Hebrew

Ziv, Yael
Discourse Analysis


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