SBL Course Packs

The Society of Biblical Literature is circulating an email announcing new “course packs” offered through University Readers. Basically, the packs collect a series of representative readings from publications within a specific field and allows the student to read them at a discounted rate (an article in an edited volume appears to average about $4). It appears to be aimed at instructors trying to put together curricula. Check it out.


2 responses to “SBL Course Packs

  • willhartbrown


    I recently came across your post on the SBL facebook page regarding the idea that we shouldn’t equate Jesus to YHVH simply because of the term Lord. That said, do you have any good sources where I may be able to actually hear a scholarly voice who thinks like that? I feel like nothing I ever approach recognizes that. Also, of the books you are selling, which would you suggest for someone extremely interested in Judaism (ancient and modern) and Mediterranean religions?


    With regard,

    William Hart Brown

    • Daniel O. McClellan

      Hi, William. Thanks for the comment. The scholarship these days is certainly dominated by Evangelical scholars who strongly adhere to an orthodox reconstruction of early christology, but there are some scholars who promote a more critical approach. A few good places to start would be Bart Ehrman’s recent book How Jesus Became God, Michael Peppard’s The Son of God in the Roman World, and James McGrath’s The Only True God. Unfortunately, none of the books I’m currently selling really approaches Judaism and Mediterranean religions that broadly. One that I found quite interesting that discusses Judaism a bit in the context of Mediterranean religions is One God: Pagan Monotheism in the Roman Empire. Martin Goodman’s Judaism in the Roman World is also quite good.

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