Five Year Anniversary

Because of my schedule I haven’t had the time to be able to post here recently, but I was just notified that today marks five years since I registered my blog on WordPress. Here’s to hoping I have more time in the future to blog!


4 responses to “Five Year Anniversary

  • Rene Dupuis

    Hi Daniel,
    I’m Rene Dupuis from Quebec, Canada. Seeing that you are interested by Christian painters and also beeing in the state of Utah I tought that maybe you can help me in my reserch. I would like to get licenses to reproduce Christian artwork from such name as Simon Dewey and Walter Rane but it seem to be very difficult to find them. Do you have an idea where I can look to find them to get the license.
    Please excuse my English, I’m French.
    Thank you very much,
    Best regards,
    Rene Dupuis

    • Daniel O. McClellan

      No worries, Rene. I’m sorry, but I don’t have any connections with those particular artists. The LDS Church owns copyrights on most of their artwork, so you may be able to call the headquarters directly and see if anyone can put you in touch with someone in the audiovisual department who can help you. The headquarters help center is at (801) 240-1000.

  • EG

    Time flies when you’re having fun! I have enjoyed reading your blog.
    I have learned many, many things from reading what you write.
    I do hope that you will have time to continue writing for your blog.
    Wishing you continuing success in your studies and work.

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