Updates on My Content Creation!

Hey, everybody! As I’ve moved into full-time content creation related to the academic study of the Bible and religion, I’ve got some updates to make you aware of. The first is my new website, maklelan.org, where I will be hosting my online courses. My newest class, which will be upcoming on Thursday, April 6, at 7 PM MDT, will answer the question, “Where did we get the biblical canon?” Recordings of my previous classes are also available for purchase there, including my classes “The Israelite Goddess Asherah,” “YHWH & El,” “Homosexuality and the Bible,” and last week’s class, “Satan and the Bible.”

I have also started up a Patreon (here) for those who’d like to support my work and take advantage of special access incentives.

I am also recording episodes for a new podcast I have started up with a friend. It will be called the Data Over Dogma Podcast, and we anticipate releasing our first episode within the next week or two.

I will also be guiding a tour in Israel from June 10–21, and there are still a few spaces left. If you’re in the fortunate position of having the resources to do something like a tour in Israel, I hope you’ll check out the itinerary here.

You can find all of these links and others, along with links to my book and several papers that I’ve published on my linktree.

Thanks so much for your support and your interest in these topics!


One response to “Updates on My Content Creation!

  • Tony Ley

    This is all fantastic news!

    Love your content!

    As soon as I get my head a little more above water I’m looking forward to contributing to your patron.

    Thank you for sharing all of this info in a style that has been really beneficial for someone who is autistic/severely adhd. Your concise and honest delivery of the info really clicked with my brain in the best way possible.

    Thank you!

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