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BibleGateway.com and the Blogger Grid

In light of recent discussions about Bible software and electronic Bibles, as well as the rolling out of the Bible Gateway Blogger Grid, I thought it would be nice to share a short video blogger Jason Neil Soto posted about how he uses biblegateway.com to study the Bible. Perhaps you’ll find it helpful (I regularly use the website when looking at different translations).

Also, check out the Bible Gateway Blogger Grid, of which I’m now a new member. The grid looks like an interesting way to access a great deal of material on the Bible from bloggers of all stripes.



Where Is Your Blog Ranked the Highest?

According to Alexa, my blog is ranked #1,559 in Knoxville, Tennessee. For Jim West and James McGrath it’s New Zealand. Joel’s blog is ranked #249 in Charleston-Huntington, West Virginia. Where is your blog ranked the highest?

Get Your Votes In

The month of January will be drawing to a close soon. Be sure to send your top ten bibliobloggers list into bibliobloggerstop10 @ yahoo . com, along with a link to your blog. The Biblioblog Top 50 will be hosting the ranking, along with Jeremy’s Alexa-ranked top 50, from now on.

Guess Who?

Can you name this biblioblogger?

Bibliobloggers Top 10 Has Moved to The Biblioblog Top 50

The Bibliobloggers Top 10 has moved to The Biblioblog Top 50. This only moderately hostile takeover will combine the Bibliobloggers Top 10, maintained by the really-gotta-pee Dan McClellan, with the full list of biblioblogs, the biblical studies carnival list, and the biblioblog search engine, which will continue to be maintained by the inimitable NT Wrong. Note also that Jim East has announced her full support for the voter-determined Bibliobloggers Top 10.

See here for a description of the Bibliobloggers Top 10′s goals and methodology. For now voters can still submit their top 10 lists to bibliobloggerstop10 @ yahoo . com (spaces for no reason whatsoever). We are, however, looking for a more automatic method (if you know of any, please let us know).

Top 10 Bibliobloggers for December 2010

Go to bibliobloggerstop10.wordpress.com for your blogger-determined top 10 biblioblogs for December! And just to show that the talent at Bibliobloggers Top 10 extends well beyond basic photoshop (zing!), we’ve included a professionally drawn caricature by award winning editorial cartoonist (for BYU’s Daily Universe), Daniel O. McClellan.

Top 50 Biblioblogs

Jeremy has December’s Top 50 Biblioblogs up. Take a look.