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Complete List of Biblioblogs

(HT Joel Watts) A new and updated complete list of biblioblogs is available here, as well as an updated Biblical Studies Carnival list and a search engine which allows you to search content on all the blogs on the comprehensive list. Cool stuff.


Get Out and Vote

Only a few days left in December and we’ve only received a couple submissions for the December Bibliobloggers Top 10. Visit the site here and email your top 10 bibliobloggers for the month of December in to bibliobloggerstop10[at]yahoo.com.

Bibliobloggers Top 10

I’ve started up a new blog that seeks to provide a monthly ranking of the top 10 biblioblogs not by traffic, but by vote, and specifically by biblioblogger vote. The site is here, and I’ve posted a brief explanation of what inspired this blog and how it will be run initially. I appreciate any input that anyone has to offer, and if you would like to help out in any way, send an email to bibliobloggerstop10[at]yahoo.com.

Bibliobloggers Dinner

Bob Cargill announces arrangements he’s made for the 2010 SBL Bibliobloggers Dinner over at his newly rebus-titled blog. If you’d like to go, the official headcount is being tallied at James McGrath’s blog, so comment there. Further updates as events warrant.

Developing: Bibliobloggers Dinner at SBL

I know I’ve been wondering about it for a while, but James McGrath asked today if the Biblioblogger dinner is a thing of the past. A few of us have expressed interest in getting one organized, so we have a tentative date and time (Sunday at 6:45) and Bob Cargill is looking into one restaurant option right now (Gibney’s Irish pub). If anyone out there is interested, let one of us know.

Bibliobloggers at SBL

The Official (Unofficial) Biblioblog List is compiling a list of biblibloggers who are presenting at SBL. If you have a proposal that’s been accepted you can add it to the list by filling out this page. The list is still pretty small, and I’m sure there are lots of you who have had papers accepted.

Top 50 Biblical History Blogs

Linda and James over at A Blog of Biblical Proportions have compiled a helpful list of the Top 50 Biblical History Blogs, and I am honored to see I’m a part of the list. Thanks for the great resource!