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Housewarming Book Sale

I am in the latter stages of building a house for my family and me and am trying to scrape together funds to help furnish said house. As part of this housewarming campaign, I’m offering some books for sale. They’re pretty much all in great shape, although some have light to heavy highlighting or notes. If anyone is interested in anything below, let me know and we can negotiate something. My preferred method of payment is just an Amazon giftcard. (That’s where I’m getting a lot of the stuff for the house.)



SBL Book Haul

I didn’t buy a lot of books this year.

I got Pongratz-Leisten’s edited volume the first day, even though I already have two of the articles and two others are early versions of books I own. The other articles looked interesting, and I’ve really enjoyed the volume so far. I hope to review it once I get on the other side of Christmas. Peppard’s book, The Son of God in the Roman World, is a great find, and I got it on the last day for 50% off. I bought the book primarily because I’m interested in the “Son of God” epithet in early Christianity, but it also has discussion in it that is helpful to my thesis, which is a bonus. Miller’s book, Oral Tradition in Ancient Israel, is one I picked up from Wipf & Stock. Having read Ong and a few other articles on orality and literacy, I was interested in seeing what contemporary scholarship had to say on the topic as it bore on early Israel. I haven’t cracked the book yet, but it looks promising. Lastly, I’ve always wanted a JPS Hebrew-English Tanakh, and these were $15 at the little JPS booth.

Book Haul

A big thank you to those who have purchased books from me. The first wave of new books has come in that I’m exited to dig into in the coming weeks. Here’s what’s on tap:

My SBL Book Haul

It appears customary among bibliobloggers to post a photo of the books you’ve bought at SBL. My haul this year was rather modest, but I’m excited about each of my purchases. I’m almost through Rollston’s volume, and it’s been excellent so far.