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Update to Encyclopedia of Hebrew Language & Linguistics Post

I’ve been tipped off to some additional PDFs of EHLL articles available online, so I’ve updated my post, which now has links to over 100 PDFs. I’ve also rearranged the authors by their last names. Find it here.

Encyclopedia of Hebrew Language and Linguistics Articles Available Online

Below are links to PDFs of articles in Brill’s new Encyclopedia of Hebrew Language and Linguistics that I have found online or that have been sent to me by the authors. There’s no guarantee these links will remain active, but I have removed dead ones as I have run across them. If you know of any I’ve missed, please let me know. (For a thematic list of the published articles, see here.)

Aharoni, Amir
Vocalization of Modern Hebrew

Amadasi, Maria Giulia
Phoenician and Hebrew

Bat-El, Outi
Denominal Verbs: Modern Hebrew

Beckman, John C.
Concessive Clause: Biblical Hebrew
Conditional Clause: Biblical Hebrew
Subject: Biblical Hebrew
Pluralis Majestatis: Biblical Hebrew

Bunis, David
Judeo-Spanish (Judezmo), Hebrew Component in

Callaham, Scott
Mood and Modality (Biblical Hebrew)

Cook, John
Aspect: Pre-Modern Hebrew
Actionality (Aktionsart): Pre-Modern Hebrew

Elan, Dresher, B.
Biblical Accents: Prosody

Engel, Edna
Script, History of Development

Haber, Esther
Coordination: Modern Hebrew

Halevy, Rivka

Holmstedt, Robert
Clitics: Pre-Modern Hebrew
Pro-Drop (Pronoun Dropping)
Relative Clause: Biblical Hebrew

Holtz, Shalom E.
Lexicography: Biblical Hebrew

Huehnergard, John
Relative Particles
Philippi’s Law
Canaanite Shift
Hebrew Loanwords in English
Hebrew as a Semitic Language

Jacobsen, Joshua R.
Biblical Accents: Cantillation
Biblical Accents: System of Combination

Joosten, Jan
Verbel System: Biblical Hebrew

Kawashima, Robert
Stylistics: Biblical Hebrew

Kearney, Jonathan
Grammatical Thought in Medieval Jewish Exegesis in Europe

Khan, Geoffrey
Pronominal Suffixes
Reduction of Vowels
Transcriptions into Arabic Script: Medieval Karaite Sources
Transcriptions into Arabic Script: Medieval Muslim Sources
Masoretic Treatises
Ketiv and Qere
Root: Medieval Karaite Notions
Morphology in the Medieval Karaite Tradition
Grammarians, Karaite
Epenthesis: Biblical Hebrew
Guttural Consonants: Masoretic Hebrew
Biblical Hebrew: Linguistic Background of the Masoretic Text
Biblical Hebrew Pronunciation Traditions
Tiberian Reading Tradition
Resh: Pre-Modern Hebrew
Shewa: Pre-Modern Hebrew
Syllable Structure: Biblical Hebrew
Vowel Length: Biblical Hebrew
Pretonic Lengthening
Compensatory Lengthening
Vocalization: Babylonian

Koller, Aaron

Mendel, Anat
Literacy: Biblical Hebrew

Neuman, Yishai
Comitative: Biblical Hebrew
Graphophonemic Assignment
[Hebrew in] France

Noegel, Scott
Euphemism in Biblical Hebrew

Pat-El, Na’ama
Inalienable Possession
Stative Verbs

Penner, Ken
History of the Research on the Hebrew Verbal System

Petersson, Lina
Priestly Source of the Pentateuch (1st proof)

Rendsburg, Gary
Biblical Hebrew: Dialects and Linguistic Variation
Culture Words: Biblical Hebrew
Diglossia: Biblical Hebrew
Foreigner Speech: Biblical Hebrew
Kinship Terms
Morphology: Biblical Hebrew
Negation: Pre-Modern Hebrew
Pentateuch, Linguistic Layers in the
Phoenician/Punic and Hebrew
Phonology: Biblical Hebrew
Rotwelsch, Hebrew Loanwords in

Reshef, Yael
Modern Hebrew Grammar: History of Scholarship
Revival of Hebrew: Grammatical Structure and Lexicon
Revival of Hebrew: Sociolinguistic Dimension

Rubin, Aaron
Definite Article in Pre-Modern Hebrew
Sumerian Loanwords
Hebrew Loanwords in American Creoles

Sadan, Tsvi (PDFs downloadable through sites.google.com)
Yiddish, Hebrew Component in
Word Formation
Verbal System: Modern Hebrew
Lingua Franca: Jewish Studies
Esperanto and Hebrew

Shoshany, Ronit
Biblical Accents: Babylonian

Siegal, Elitzur A. Bar-Asher
Diglossia: (ii) Rabbinic Hebrew

Stein, Rabbi David E. S.
Gender Representation in Biblical Hebrew

Tsumura, David

Veviurko, Tania Notarius
Multiliteral Roots
Compound Tenses
Aspectual Markers

Zevi, Tamar
Collectives: Modern Hebrew
Directive he
Exceptive Construction
Relative Clause: Modern Hebrew
Nominal Clause
Content Clauses
Syntax: Biblical Hebrew

Ziv, Yael
Discourse Analysis