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Online Class: The Israelite Goddess Asherah

Hey, everybody! I will be offering a live online class addressing the Israelite goddess Asherah on Thursday, September 15, from 7–8:30 PM (mountain time). This class will discuss the textual and other material evidence for the early recognition and worship of Asherah as an Israelite goddess and the partner (or wife) of YHWH, the God of Israel. It will also discuss theories of the later marginalization, vilification, and alteration of their worship. There will be a 1-hour lecture over Zoom, followed by a 30-minute moderated Q&A session. I’m offering the class on a pay-what-you-can basis, with a minimum donation of $1. The link to register for the class is here. Everyone who signs up, whether they attend or not, will receive a link to a recording of the class. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Erin Darby on Judean Pillar Figurines


On Facebook I recently posted this interview of Erin Darby regarding her new book, Interpreting Judean Pillar Figurines. The book, which attempts a more methodologically grounded analysis of the function of JPFs in ancient Israelite practice, is based on the author’s 2011 Duke doctoral dissertation (available here) and is published in Mohr Siebeck’s Forschungen zum Alten Testament series. It looks like it will make a very welcome contribution to the field, and I look forward to digging into it. Check it out!