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My Doctoral Program

I received word earlier today that my application to the University of Exeter’s PhD in Theology and Religion has been successful, and I start in September. It’s a distance program, so I will stay in my new home and keep my wonderful job. My advisors will be Francesca Stavrakopoulou and Siam Bhayro, and the title of the dissertation I proposed is “Divine Agency in Early Israelite and Jewish Literature and Cult.” If you’re interested in reading the proposal, you can find it here. The program will be funded thanks to a generous offer from BYU’s Religious Studies Dissertation Grant Program. I’m very excited to begin doctoral studies after so many unsuccessful attempts, and I greatly appreciate all the help and counsel I’ve received along the way from so many out there. Thank you!

PhD Applications Update

Here’s the score:

Accepted: !

Rejected: Duke, UT – Austin

Pending: Yale, NYU, Johns Hopkins

According to Grad Cafe, Duke has been brutal this year. Yale has already sent out one round of decisions (Feb 25-27) and will probably send out the next round at the end of this week or next week. Last year I had two admissions before I got my first rejection. This is kinda heartbreaking.

The Grad Cafe

Brandon Wason has a piece up about applying to PhD programs, but he also links to an interesting resource I didn’t know about. The Grad Cafe is a message board that brings graduate students and others together to discuss applying for programs (among other things). The board is divided according to subject, and even though I feel like I’d be right in between history, language, and religion, the religion forum has a wide enough berth to cover less seminary-like degrees. Just be aware the discussions seem to move a little on the slow side. Thanks for the tip, Brandon!