Episode 7 of the Data Over Dogma Podcast: “So Many Gods!”

Hey, everybody! This week we dive into the deep end of biblical polytheism. First, we go “chapter and verse” discussing 2 Kings, chapter 3. It’s a war campaign with a VERY surprising ending. Next it’s a fascinating look at what’s happening in Psalm 82 and the cultural and historical context of the divine council. Check it out on YouTube, on Spotify, on Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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Dan’s Next Online Class: The Book of Revelation

Hey, everybody! I’ve scheduled my next online class for Thursday, July 13, from 7–8:30 PM Mountain Time, and the class will discuss the origins, nature, goals, and interpretations of the book of Revelation. You can find more information and registration at maklelan.org.

I also wanted to let y’all know that moving forward, Dr. Candida Moss and Dr. Robyn Faith Walsh are going to be joining me in teaching online classes. Dr. Moss’ first class will be “Were Christians Persecuted?” and Dr. Walsh’s first class will be “What Are the Gospels?” We’ll have a new website, more information, and registration available soon.

Episode 6 of the Data Over Dogma Podcast, “God Breathed?”

Hey, everybody! You can catch the newest episode of the Data Over Dogma Podcast at the links below (or wherever you get your podcasts). This episode discusses the concept of univocality and then the interpretation of 2 Timothy 3:16, which refers to “all scripture” as “God-breathed.” 



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Episode 5 of the Data Over Dogma Podcast, “Betrayed by Dan Brown”

Hey, everybody! Episode 5 of the Data Over Dogma podcast, “Betrayed by Dan Brown,” treats the Council of Nicea & Easter & is now live at the links below or wherever you get your podcasts!

New Episode of the Data Over Dogma Podcast: “Ehrmageddon!” with Bart Ehrman

Check out our new episode of the Data Over Dogma Podcast, “Ehrmageddon!” with Bart Ehrman, here or wherever you get your podcasts (or you can watch the video below). You can also check out Bart’s new book, Armageddon: What the Bible Really Says about the End, here or wherever you get your books.

New Episode of the Data Over Dogma Podcast: God’s Wife, with Francesca Stavrakopoulou

This week we interview the inimitable Francesca Stavrakopoulou. Author, scholar, and BBC documentary presenter, Dr. Stavrakopoulou discusses some big questions about the God of the Bible. Did He have a body? Did He have a wife? Did He demand child sacrifice? It’s all big questions and some potentially surprising answers on this week’s Data Over Dogma!

You can find the new episode below or wherever you get your podcasts




Find Dr. Stavrakopoulou on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/ProfFrancesca

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The First Episode of My New Podcast is Live!

Hey, everybody! My new podcast, the Data Over Dogma Podcast, dropped its first episode on Saturday. You can check it out at your favorite podcast hosting platform (Apple, Spotify, etc. [Google is still taking a bit]), or you can watch the version with video on our new YouTube channel:

Updates on My Content Creation!

Hey, everybody! As I’ve moved into full-time content creation related to the academic study of the Bible and religion, I’ve got some updates to make you aware of. The first is my new website, maklelan.org, where I will be hosting my online courses. My newest class, which will be upcoming on Thursday, April 6, at 7 PM MDT, will answer the question, “Where did we get the biblical canon?” Recordings of my previous classes are also available for purchase there, including my classes “The Israelite Goddess Asherah,” “YHWH & El,” “Homosexuality and the Bible,” and last week’s class, “Satan and the Bible.”

I have also started up a Patreon (here) for those who’d like to support my work and take advantage of special access incentives.

I am also recording episodes for a new podcast I have started up with a friend. It will be called the Data Over Dogma Podcast, and we anticipate releasing our first episode within the next week or two.

I will also be guiding a tour in Israel from June 10–21, and there are still a few spaces left. If you’re in the fortunate position of having the resources to do something like a tour in Israel, I hope you’ll check out the itinerary here.

You can find all of these links and others, along with links to my book and several papers that I’ve published on my linktree.

Thanks so much for your support and your interest in these topics!

My Book, YHWH’s Divine Images, Is Available Now

My open-access book, YHWH’s Divine Images: A Cognitive Approach, is available for download here. Hardcover and paperback editions are forthcoming. Because the volume is open-access, the PDF is freely downloadable and shareable. I hope those with an interest in the topic will enjoy the book, share it widely, and let me know what they think!

Online Class: The Israelite Goddess Asherah

Hey, everybody! I will be offering a live online class addressing the Israelite goddess Asherah on Thursday, September 15, from 7–8:30 PM (mountain time). This class will discuss the textual and other material evidence for the early recognition and worship of Asherah as an Israelite goddess and the partner (or wife) of YHWH, the God of Israel. It will also discuss theories of the later marginalization, vilification, and alteration of their worship. There will be a 1-hour lecture over Zoom, followed by a 30-minute moderated Q&A session. I’m offering the class on a pay-what-you-can basis, with a minimum donation of $1. The link to register for the class is here. Everyone who signs up, whether they attend or not, will receive a link to a recording of the class. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.